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Tina (티나) is an android who can generate phase force. Normally, androids made 100% from machine are not capable of self-generation of phase force. To overcome this, Tina’s body contains skin, organs, and some of the "brain" of a phase user. It has had a close relationship with its trainer for a long time. It can use space effectively with long-range attacks, and is specialized in air strike attacks, dealing greater damage when attacking in midair. It can also summon various weapons and smoothly handle unexpected situations.


Before the team Blacklambs and Wolfdog formed, there was a serial murder case where 13 Closer agent Union were Assassinated. After several investigation And collecting clue from witnesses, Union found out the one behind assassination was a little girl with silver hair. Each time she assassinated her target, she left no trace behind. Because of her modus operandi, she was called "Ghost" by union.

Then Union made a request to Vultures to hunt down the "Ghost", and then this request was trusted to Trainer, the Wolfdog Leader. When Trainer found out who is the "Ghost", he was surprised after knowing the identity of "Ghost" itself, and then the "Ghost" detonate herself. Trainer, who survives, brings back the "Ghost" with him to Vultures lab. Vultures discovered the "Ghost" was an Android which created by a Terrorist Organization.

The Android itself is created by using the Phase Power Users Corpse which died in Dimensional War I, which the first android who was able to fight with Phase power. The androids ability is "Imaginary Space", making her able to store various combat weapon In a dimensional space that she created.

After so much consideration, Trainer made a request to Vultures to reprogram the android and make her become one of Wolfdog's Crew. Trainer then called the Android "Tina" and entrusted her with various important missions.

And there also one more thing that Trainer only knows about the past of the Android who become part of his crew.


  • The android model name is "Tactical Interface 01 Non-standard Android".
  • In Tina's story, her Black Lamb counterpart is Sylvi, from fighting her during the Han High School arc to becoming allies during the International Airport arc.
  • Tina was created by the technology advisor of UNION with the intention of save the Closer Tina's life during the Dimension war. The android was made with 25% of brain and skin components extracted the Closer Tina.
    • However when the terrorist learned of this, they killed the scientist and used Tina as their assassin known as 'Wraith'.
    • Trainer was the one who trained the Closer Tina, explaining his confusion when he first suppressed her.
    • While repairing and reprogramming Tina after she tried to self-destruct in an attempt to kill Trainer, Trainer installed a command into Tina to not be able to harm humans.